What Do You Need Analytics for?

SEO Discover’s web analytics team delivers the right website tracking service to create robust and actionable insights from the data that is already ready and available to you. We work with Google Analytics and take every bit of advantages that it has to offer.

Search Engine Optimization

One the value data analytics is prepared you will get to track down important keywords, which are beneficial for your organization, compare both organic and non-organic visitors, get to know about the top-performing content, and so much more! We help you understand what is good for your business so that you grow better.


Web analytics will offer you direct access to your stats right from your sales activities to your online marketing. This will give you an extra edge to stay one-step ahead from your competitions. Not just this, through analytics, you will get to know about the channels that are working and what’s not.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Through web analytics you will get the maximum insight on every paid search campaign that you launch. This is just one of the benefits, other benefits will include multi-channel funnels reports, as well as a customer’s right from the beginning to conversion. Get to know which PPC campaign has turned out to be fruitful.

Email Marketing

If you do email marketing, analytics can turn out to be helpful with your email marketing strategies as well. Through analytics, you will get a proper insight about how efficient your email marketing campaign has been, and whether you need to change your email marketing strategy to get better results.

Social Media Optimization

For Social Media analysis, we make use of Social Media Goal and Google Tag Manager. Being one of the best digital analytics companies, we ensure that your social media campaigns are able to bring positive results so that your brand image gets enhanced. We do social media work in your favour so that you grow.

Mobile Marketing

Those who are into mobile marketing; for them, we have mobile marketing analytics that will allow you to take 100% advantage of mobile marketing. Through mobile marketing analytics, you will get to track page speed, view devices that are being used, monitor, and check bounce rate, and set the right goals.

Why Prefer SEO Discovery?

Analytics Consulting

Whether you have already implemented website analytics, but not receiving proper results, or you are someone new who is still confused about why you should invest in good website analytics, we can help you. Traffic valley has a team of professional and experienced analytics consultants who will audit your website properly. Our analytics team will try to understand your current analytical practices, and also understand the goals of your business. We believe in setting the right foundation.


Once we do an analytical audit and receive all the information, we then continue to do some research in order to discover opportunities, along with implementing new strategies that will work to gather data, which are relevant to your business. Our topmost priority is to prepare a robust strategy, which will work. We understand that you as a businessman will want the best for your business, and we want the same too! That’s why we follow a robust strategy.


In the implementation stage, we will set up a track code for the website along with setting goals, custom dimensions, and set parameters. Once you hire us, we ensure to make you understand the strategies that we follow so that you get to know why we do our job in a specific way. Traffic Valley always wants its clients to be educated about the things that we are doing and also what is happening in their business website.


We follow a continuous process of data and digital analysis, which leads to actions that are optimized and analysed. The reports that will be generated from the analytical tool will be studied frequently and regularly to ensure that the data that has been captured are relative and clean, and matches with your business goal. After that, we will share the same website analytical data with you to make good business decisions.

We Follow Effective Web Analytics Strategies


Clearly define the goals and objectives of your site if you want to measure the success of your website.


A website that has more visitors from one month to the next is a sign that your visitors are increasing but it is not necessary that the website is performing well.


Relatives measures form the basis of KPIs and they need to be viewed over time.



There are many marketing tools such as customer relationship management, email, offline purchase, a line of business databases, and phone systems providing cross-channel analytics.


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Luminate Online implementation will let you insert Google Analytics tracking code automatically into the page wrapper; however, when it comes to custom implementation, this is not possible. If you are using custom implementation, then it should be used with Urchin style Google Analytics code, or else one might use custom JavaScript as well.

No, currently, CMS page wrappers will require code, which has to be manually added. To do that one has to use “Wrappers” in CMS “Reports and Tool.” All new Google Analytics placements on CMS require physically entering in page wrappers JavaScript that stores the right referrer in the CONVIO.referrer variable. If the references are to be followed effectively in Google Analytics, over the norm:
declaration, insert this special Google Analytics command:
if (CONVIO.referrer.length > 0) {

Utilized accurately, Google Analytics can follow all your multi-channel web-based advertising activities, including some offline. If you comprehend, understand, and take measurable actions based on this data, you will start generating more revenue, and your website will also become more visible.

Google Analytics should be the focal point of your internet advertising activities, giving bits of knowledge into which channels are working, which ones aren’t, estimating your online presence’s key execution markers, and permitting you to know all the essential activities and revenue being created on the web.

If you understand it properly, use it correctly, and also interpret the data, then yes, it can save you a lot of money because this will make you understand the types of marketing channels that are working for you, which ones should be dropped, and also which ones need improvement.

Sadly, email, phone, and name, these are considered to be Personally Identifiable Information. And Google Analytics has strict privacy policies, which clearly states that this information cannot be collected anywhere.

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