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Search Engine Optimisation: How to choose an SEO company

February 17, 2021 Rankmeup 0 Comments

“What should I do to get my company’s name on Google?” – this is the question you have certainly asked yourself and that is why you are here looking for the answer.

And, of course, if you are the owner of a company and still don’t have a website on the Internet, it is as if you don’t exist. Although this sentence has almost become a cliché, it is very true and you have probably noticed this yourself and decided to introduce some new features, such as creating a website and optimizing it for search engines.


The optimization of websites for Internet search engines (or eng. search engine optimization, from which the abbreviation SEO comes) is a process of optimizing the website in terms of programming, scripting, design and writing content with the aim of achieving visibility on the Internet and better ranking on search engines.

In other words, it is a chain of operations carried out by SEO experts to ensure that the website appears on the first page of Google (Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine) for a given keyword. The experience is based on managing the structure of the website, categorization, developing a network of relevant links and many other procedures/processes.

The optimization is usually done by companies, but also by individuals. The latter are usually less visible and you usually get to them through recommendations from friends. Companies that deal with SEO are easy to find. The problem is that there are many of them and it is therefore difficult to choose one.



Make your own decisions. It is important for every company to know what it wants. For example what results or what position on the search engine it wants to achieve. These needs will differ, mostly in the choice of the keyword, from what the SEO expert wants to achieve, but it is essential to communicate and precisely say your needs, requirements and goals. In the end, your goals as a potential client and those of the SEO expert will be written on a list and the connection will be sought, as well as the possibilities and strategy to achieve the goals.

Also, the more you know about optimization, the better this will be for your website. If you are curious by nature and want to have insight into every part of the process, it is best for you to first explore the practice in general, Afterwards you will even parry in a conversation with the SEO expert, you will know what questions to ask and you will be clear what to do and improve in the end.


After you have read up on the subject, start looking for SEO companies and other agencies that offer these services. Most people ask Google for such things, but don’t make the mistake and go only to the first agency that appears in the search results. It would be best to put together a short list of, say, three to five agencies that you consider trustworthy and call or email them.

The thing that in most cases controls the whole process is the budget you have available. Be honest and define the limits of your possibilities and compare them with the offer you are given. If an agency charges for the SEO estimate – escape from it. Nowadays it is common practice that the assessment and the first consultation are free of charge, as a sign of good (future) partnership.

The consultation can also be done by phone, but it would be best to speak personally with the SEO experts working on your website. When it comes to the consultation, prepare a list of things you are interested in and ask the consultant anything you think might lead to misunderstandings.

If the consultant promises you fairy-tale results in the shortest possible time – also run away from it, as it is a dubious procedure for which you can be punished. You should keep in mind that SEO is an ongoing process, and that the results will not be visible the next day, the day after next, or the week after. Although everything always depends on the project itself, at best two to four and sometimes six months will have to pass for the changes to the website to stabilize- This is what only an honest consultant who does his job properly will tell you.


What makes a good SEO company is the experience and of course the examples where good results have been achieved. There are two types of companies: those that have a good portfolio but can possibly do a bad job, and those that do not have the time to write case studies but achieve good results. If you already have a choice – you better choose the latter. Of course it is useful to have references in front of you, but you should check them in detail, whether in contact with the consultant or on your own.


Even if the company you are negotiating with does not have a visually beautiful portfolio, the living word can save everything. For example, if you want to hire someone to recover from a penalty Google has given you for using illegal SEO practices, allow them to tell you the whole story (without embellishments and without leaving anything out) – ask for as much detail as possible and ask them to show you how certain processes can be improved. Allow the consultant not to tell you about big names and clients, but about successes from his track record that have delivered good results – it is well known that small local businesses can sometimes be better ranked than larger and more powerful ones.

Finally, the best advice is to follow your own inner feeling. If you notice that the people you are hesitating to talk to seem to be hiding something or want to avoid some questions – you can give up and look for someone else who is more suited to you.

Have you ever tried search engine optimization (SEO) on your website? You would be surprised at the results that can be achieved. If you want to try it, we can offer you a free analysis and a consultation with an SEO expert. This would be followed by an assessment and an agreement for optimization.

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